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Internet Defamation, Copyright & Trademark, Counterfeit, Grey Markt, False Reviews, Witnessing in your Case

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Cyber Investigative Solutions

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with Service Guarantee up to USD / CHF 10 Mill.

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Cyber Investigation Services
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The Cyber Investigative Solutions is a Department of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC, a Swiss and Global Investigative and Intelligence corporation based in Zürich, Switzerland. 

We are assisting corporate counsel, executives, attorneys, celebrities, and professionals with evolving reputation and brand problems. 

Service Guarantee up to USD/CHF 10 Mill.
As cyber threats continue to change the corporate, professional, and private life, our company is dedicated to develop and improve its tools and tactics to provide its customers a one-stop-shop and a premium level customer support. 

Please read our Case Acceptance Criteria.

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How can we help?

At Cyber Investigative Solutions, we specialize in providing exceptional support and expert solutions for a wide range of civil and crime cases. Our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you with the following legal and legal support matters:

  1. Reputation and Brand Protection: Safeguard your reputation and brand integrity with our comprehensive strategies and proactive measures.

  2. Internet Defamation: Combat false statements and damaging content online through our expertise in internet defamation cases.

  3. Copyright & Trademark: Protect your intellectual property rights by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of copyright and trademark laws.

  4. Counterfeit and Grey Market: Mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit and grey market activities, ensuring the protection of your business and customers.

  5. Witnessing in Your Case: Benefit from our reliable witnessing services, ensuring the credibility and authenticity of crucial evidence in your case.

  6. Cyber Extortion: Tackle cyber extortion cases with confidence, knowing that our skilled professionals are equipped to handle the complexities involved.

  7. Cryptocurrency Intelligence and Forensics: Navigate the intricate world of cryptocurrency with our specialized intelligence and forensic services.

  8. Sextortion: Combat sextortion threats effectively by relying on our expertise and discreet approach to sensitive cases.

  9. Cyber Stalking: Put an end to cyber stalking and harassment with our comprehensive strategies and legal assistance.

  10. CEO Fraud: Safeguard your organization from CEO fraud schemes through our proactive measures and expert guidance.

  11. Online Fraud: Combat various forms of online fraud, including identity theft and financial scams, with our extensive knowledge and proven strategies.

  12. Online Investment Fraud: Protect your investments from online fraud schemes by leveraging our expertise and thorough investigation techniques.

  13. Online Broker Fraud: If you have fallen victim to online broker fraud, we offer dedicated support and legal guidance to help you recover your losses.


Our team is dedicated to providing personalized attention and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise can make a difference in your case. Trust Cyber Investigative Solutions to be your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of civil and crime cases.

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Cyber investigation is not Hacking and not any kind of illegal activity.

Cyber investigation and Cyber intelligence play crucial roles in supporting civil or crime legal cases by leveraging digital expertise to gather evidence, uncover insights, and protect the interests of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

They provide valuable support in understanding the technical aspects, establishing the facts, and presenting compelling evidence to aid in the resolution of civil disputes or the prosecution of criminal activities in the digital realm.

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