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Here you can share your case with our team and experts
Read Carefully - Case Acceptance Criteria:

Due to present case load, we are only accepting major case with investigative budgets of at least:
(1) Law enforcement only: Always pro bono / no charge
(2) Corporate cases: from CHF 2,500.00
(3) individual/personal cases: from CHF 1,100.00
(4) Except phone spoofing cases which have a minimum budget of CHF 3,500.00

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Cyber Investigative Solutions - Cyber Investigative Services are working globally and in Switzerland as Private Cyber Investigation Office. We are providing also integral investigative services, which means cyber investigations with field investigation.

We are EU GDPR and Swiss FADP compliant cyber investigation office and we were working on investigative cases worth more than USD 33 Billion.

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