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Cyber Investigation Services

Cyber Investigative Solutions are providing customized Private Cyber Investigator Services and Cyber Investigative Solutions for cases:

  • Reputation & Brand Investigations

  • Internet Defamation 

  • Copyright & Trademark

  • Sextortion & Privacy Invasion

  • Computer Crime Investigations

  • Celebrities, V.I.P., Executives Hacked

  • Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

  • Internet Fraud & Online Scams (Scamming)

  • Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Cyber-Mobbing (Harassment)

  • Corporate Investigations (e.g. CEO-Fraud, Social Engineering)

  • Deep Web Intelligence Services

  • Cyber Extortion 

  • Integrated Investigations (Field & Cyber Investigations)

  • Investment scams - Due Diligence (Field & Cyber Due Diligence)

  • Fraud with Fake Online-Shops, Fake-Lottery, Inheritance-Scam, false billing, Travel prize, Charities, Dating & Romance, Jobs etc.

  • Internet Monitoring Services


We were on the investigative cases worth more than 3 USD billion. 

Risk Management

Cyber Investigative Solutions - Swiss Security Solutions strives to prevent risks from arising through long-term measures. Should disruptions nevertheless occur, steps are going to be taken to minimize the impact on customers. As a rule, all emergency measures are planned on a customer-specific basis.

Industries & Clients

  • IT & Telecom

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Architecture

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Energy

  • Resources & Infrastructure

  • Celebs, VIPs, and Executives (C-Level)

  • Private Family Offices and Private Persons

  • Attorney Offices

  • International Organizations (UN, WHO, OECD, OSCE, Interpol)

  • NGOs - Non-Governmental Organizations

Services for Attorneys

Every month we are utilized by some of the top global and swiss law corporations as well as global and swiss Attorneys offices to assist them with complex civil and criminal cases that require cyber technical expertise, digital and forensic services, damage assessments, and high-level intelligence solutions and services.

Cyber Investigative Solutions

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