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Cyber Investigative Solutions

Swiss Security Solutions LLC

Schaffhauserstrasse 550. 
CH-8050 Zürich 

Tel: +41 44 586 60 33

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Cyber Investigative Solutions - Cyber Investigative Services are working globally and in Switzerland as Private Cyber Investigation Office. We are providing also integral investigative services, which means cyber investigations with field investigation. We are EU GDPR and Swiss FADP compliant cyber investigation office.

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Cyber investigation is not Hacking and not any kind of illegal activity.

Cyber investigation and Cyber intelligence play crucial roles in supporting civil or crime legal cases by leveraging digital expertise to gather evidence, uncover insights, and protect the interests of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

They provide valuable support in understanding the technical aspects, establishing the facts, and presenting compelling evidence to aid in the resolution of civil disputes or the prosecution of criminal activities in the digital realm.

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